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About Cape

We live in a new reality where organizations need to evolve in order to move forward. This requires letting go of old thinking patterns and systems and surrendering to new insights and technologies. In order to remain of value, organizations need to transform digitally.
CAPE Groep enables this. We see digital transformation as a strategic instrument to realize ambitions. We translate your strategic topics into clever and versatile solutions and thereby increase your competitive edge. With your future in mind, we do today what is needed for tomorrow. We do this with experts who love to push boundaries.
Our approach? Collaborate and work swiftly in a clever way. And of course: pass on to ensure you can continue on your own. We see the future as an invitation to discover new ways of working and we will persevere until you have reached your target. CAPE Groep. Make the future happen.



Joint product development and domain expertise are the basis on which we provide added value for you. Your business processes and your people on the work floor are paramount to this. In small, flexible teams of business professionals, we execute projects in close collaboration with your team.


Change is the only constant

At present, change is the only constant. We therefore work on the basis of the agile/scrum methodology. In fast sprints, we deliver working software in small, clear steps. Based on proactive monitoring and feedback from users, we work together with you on continuous improvement to achieve the perfect fit between your business and IT.


Business, education and science

IT offers opportunities to innovate, specialize and increase productivity. We work with model driven development platforms (Mendix & eMagiz), which we use to realize software and integration solutions. Our technology includes infrastructure, development and integration platforms, web-based software, dashboards and reports.

Making it happen


    We research, design and develop in collaboration with you. This way, the solutions automatically become part of the process.

    We combine business research with software development in short sprints.

    Our model-driven development platforms form the foundation for flexible applications and integrations.

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What is your drive?

We are proud to collaborate with our clients and realize their ambitions. They inspire us. Perhaps you will too. This is why we look forward to being part of your story. We hope that we can be just as important to you as we are to our current clientele. Who knows, maybe we can create something unique together which inspires them!
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