About CAPE

CAPE Groep helps organizations to digitally transform. Together with you, we quickly and efficiently develop a future-proof, suitable customized solution. Our consultants advise and develop the solution themselves, in contrast to traditional consultancy where only advice is given. And with our unique CAPE approach, a result is lightning fast, smart and achieved together with you.

About CAPE Group

We live in a new reality. In which organizations must change in order to move forward. This requires letting go of old thinking patterns and systems and surrendering to new insights and technologies. To remain of value, organizations must transform digitally.

CAPE Group helps with this. All our consultants are specialized in the digitization of business processes and chain collaborations. Specified in the sectors Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain, (smart) Construction and Agrifood. At CAPE Groep, the consultants think along with the companies, look just that little bit further and add value to the companies by digitizing business processes, organizing chain collaborations more efficiently and integrating systems with each other. 

With your future in our sights, we do now what is necessary for later. With experts who love nothing more than to push boundaries. Our approach? To collaborate. Work fast. Smart working. And most importantly: pass it on. So that you can continue on your own. We see the future as an invitation to discover new paths and let go when the destination is reached.

The result? Smartly integrated, user-friendly systems. Focused on the essence of use, for even better process optimization and a high reduction in operating costs. CAPE Groep does this smartly, quickly and together with the companies. Thanks to its extensive industry knowledge, CAPE Groep has developed semi-finished products over the past 20+ years. These solutions provide a flexible basis for tailor-made software applications for your chain collaboration and/or business process. This makes the realization faster and cheaper.

Ccommunication – Aadvice – Prest – Eexperience

Complete offer

Our offer is complete, with a combination of low-code and high-code solutions, and system integrations. Our methodology, our approach, has also been further developed over the years. This is how we make every project successful! And that does not go unnoticed.

The three pillars

The important pillars'mens','methodology' and 'technology' must be aligned to achieve successful digital transformation. In this way we have already been able to help and challenge many of our customers in their digital transformation.


Our Academy ensures that we can roll out our knowledge not only internally, but also beyond. We train our client organizations. We call it 'Self-enablement'! The world around us continues to change, we move with the trends in the market.


Our organization falls under the ISO 27001 certification of DigiTrust.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At CAPE we believe it is important to contribute to society. However small our influence, we make sure we do what we can to make our footprint as green as possible and contribute to various charity initiatives:

  • In Africa they use laptops donated by us;
  • We have developed a track & trace app for bicycle ambulances in Africa;
  • We are Business Friends of the Princess Màxima Center for Pediatric Oncology;
  • Our office is off the gas and there is a heat exchanger on the building;
  • We are increasingly saying goodbye to diesel, with electric lease and pool cars and available charging stations.
Present Foundation

Since 2023, CAPE Group colleagues have regularly participated in activities organized by the Present Foundation in and around Enschede. The activities have a social and/or job character. For example, in the first year, a group of colleagues spent a pleasant afternoon at the Twente Care Center 't Bouwhuis, to walk and play games with the residents. A few handy handymen have also rolled up their sleeves to help a single, less fortunate mother with 2 teenage daughters work on private bedrooms for the girls.

In this way we contribute to building a bridge between people who have something to offer and people who can be helped with it.

Our partners


CAPE Consulting originated in Hellendoorn.

CAPE Hellendoorn

CAPE Consulting one of the first Mendix partners.

Relocation from Hellendoorn to the Transport Center in Enschede!

CAPE old logo

CAPE Group first eMagiz partner.

CAPE starts with the Traineeship, the foundation of the Academy has been laid!
We have outgrown our jacket! Extension of office space with adjacent Truckwash and the logo will be upgraded.

CAPE Groep takes over Carthago ICT & opens a branch in Utrecht!

CAPE Group goes international with offices in Zagreb and Sydney
CAPE group makes the future happen in sydney - cape digital solutions
CAPE Group Platinum Mendix Partner
Platinum Partner -- CAPE Group mendix partner transport and logistics