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Education & training are indispensable in digital transformation

The world is changing through digital transformation, and your organization is constantly changing with it. To stay ahead, training and development are of great importance. Are your employees prepared for the future? Are you keeping up with the needs of the business? CAPE Groep helps companies that believe in digital transformation, that want to add value continuously and that want to stay ahead of the competition. Our education and training courses give your employees tools and skills to understand the playing field even better, to convert your strategy into workable solutions and to continuously improve. 

Invest in education and training and make your people agile and self-reliant. 

Enable effective digital transformation

Ensure continuous project success

More than 20 years of experience

Self-reliance for your own company

"The CAPE Academy has allowed me to develop myself in the field of low-code development and immediately add extra value for my own organization"

Approach CAPE Academy

Quickly add value through 'learning on the job'

Our approach? To collaborate. Work fast. Work smart. And above all: pass it on, so that you can continue on your own. Being able to learn well and quickly gives you agility and strength. In order to achieve goals, we encourage people to grow as much as possible by making optimal use of the available resources. We do this through our strategy in which we combine practice, peer learning and training in the most effective way.  

Action-based / continuous learning

Exercise/knowledge sessions/micro-learnings
Team/mentor/peer group/coaching
Classroom training/workshops

Also have a look this explanation about the 70/20/10 model that we apply within our Academy. 

Diagram showing the added value of the 10-20-17 learning method



  • Mendix
  • eMagiz
  • Architecture
  • Performance
  • Scrum/agile and self-organizing teams
  • Test methodology
  • Ops, CI/CD
  • people skills
  • Product Owner
  • Scrum Master
  • Proxy Product Owner

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Develop according to the CAPE values

Working together on improvement

People have an important role in digital transformation projects. Adaptation of new systems is crucial for the success of the project or long-term projects, and this mainly lies with the people in the organization.

Working smartly for the future

We rely on a foundation of technologies that we often apply and fully master. Furthermore, we are always busy researching new technologies. 

Working on change quickly

Digital transformation can only succeed with the right approach. The applied methodology is very decisive for the cooperation and dynamics in the project to be carried out.

After years of experience, we have developed our own CAPE methodology (based on Scrum/Agile), in which we develop solutions in short sprints. This way you can achieve the fastest result! 




Determine your roadmap

You determine strategic themes and your roadmap based on your strategic objectives. What do you want to achieve, and what role do you want to play in your digital transformation? Do you have CAPE developed, do you help or do you want to be completely independent? And at what speed? This determines the role training will have in your digital transformation.


Develop according to plan

Your training needs arise based on your vision about your independence and your own role in the digital transformation and taking into account the capacity of your organization, human potential and individual ambition. This is followed by a development plan. The basic principle is that we always develop from the pillars of people, methodology and technology.


Continuously adding value

To meet your training needs, we have drawn up an extensive and coherent training program based on the three pillars. We work with clear learning objectives so that the added value of a training is also clear. The CAPE Academy trainers who complete the training program are highly trained, specialized and active in the field. They support the theory from their practical experience. There is also a lot of interaction and reflection with fellow students during the training.


Improve in practice

Training only makes sense if it is supported in practice. Central to this is Action Based Learning (ABL). ABL provides in-depth training and links with practice in your own organization. This deals with issues that have arisen in your environment. We believe that people learn by doing: not just absorbing information, but using it almost immediately.
University of Twente - a partnership of CAPE Groep

Did you know? Our methodology and Rapid App Development training courses are also applied in the curriculum of the Master Business & Information Technology at the University of Twente!

You can find more information about our master's course at the UT here.


Header for the Academy
The foundation of our Academy

We have been giving guest lectures since 2010 and we teach at the University of Twente. From 2013 we also started doing innovation projects in collaboration with the University of Twente. 

This experience has created a need for a professional in-house Academy, which officially started in 2015, and we started teaching developers who worked for our customers.

In 2020, our 'self-enablement' program was further rolled out for our (future) customers.

CAPE - make the future happen