Training for digital and personal transformation

The world, and thereby your organisation, changes continuously due to digital transformation. To stay ahead, training and development are of great importance. Are your employees ready for the future? Do you keep track of the business' need?

CAPE Groep supports organisations that believe in digital transformation, continuously want to add value and want to be ahead of competitors. Our education and training possibilities provide tools to your employees and skills to better understand the playground, convert your strategy into versatile solutions and improve continuously.

Invest in education and training, make your employees versatile and be self-reliant.

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'We want to share the way we achieve success with others. Together we can work on the future'


Determine your roadmap

Based on your strategic goals you determine your strategic themes and your roadmap. What do you want to achieve, and which role do you want to fulfill yourself in your digital transformation process? Do you enable CAPE to develop, do you collaborate with us or do you want to be completely self-reliant? And how fast? This determines which role our academy has in your digital transformation.


Develop according to your plan

Based on your vision about your independency and your own role within your digital transformation process, and taking the capacity of your organisation, the human potential and individual ambition into account, arises your need for our academy. Your development plan is derived from this. Our starting point is that we always develop from our main pillars people, methodology and technology.


Continuously add value

To fulfill your need for education we developed an extended and coherent trainingsprogram. We work with plain learning goals, so the added value of the training will always be clear. The trainers of the CAPE academy are well educated, specialised and currently working in the field. With use of theire experience in practice, they support theory. Also, there is a lot of interaction and reflection with fellow trainees during the training program.


Improve in practice

Training only works when it is supported in practice. Important in this is Action Based Learning (ABL). ABL gives the training depth and the connection with the practice of your own organisation. The issues from your own environment will be used. We believe that people actually learn while they act: get started immediately in stead of only getting information.

Create the path rather than look for it

We work on the future together with our clients. This is only possible if we also advance ourselves. This is why we have set up the CAPE Academy, in alliance with the University of Twente. At the CAPE Academy we develop at the crux of business and IT.
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