Working method CAPE Group

Our way of working is what makes us unique. We do now what is necessary for later. With business and software experts who explore new paths, think further and love nothing more than pushing boundaries. Our working method is: Collaboration. Work fast. Smart working. And above all, pass it on, so that you can continue on your own.

We do this by creating value and aligning three important pillars: People, Methodology and Technology.

Working together on improvement

People have an important role in digital transformation projects. Adaptation of new systems is crucial for the success of the project or long-term projects, and this mainly lies with the people in the organization.

The software must be user-friendly for the employees who work with it. By using the process as a starting point, we automate and optimize business processes and ensure that employees can be deployed in the right way. That is to say: they can concentrate on the content, and repetitive tasks are taken over as much as possible.


Working smartly for the future

We rely on a foundation of technologies that we frequently apply and fully master. We are also always researching new technologies.


Working on change quickly

Digital transformation can only succeed with the right approach. The applied methodology is very decisive for the cooperation and dynamics in the project to be carried out.

After years of experience, we have developed our own CAPE methodology (based on Scrum/Agile), in which we develop solutions in short sprints. This way you can achieve the fastest result and you can respond flexibly to changes during the process!

When we take on a project, we make sure that this method is used. If any training is required at the customer organization, we will provide it with our own Academy.


These are the technologies we mainly use to develop the best solutions:

Logo of a company that sells low code software


Low code platform

Logo of a company that makes real-time dashboards

Power BI

Real time dashboards

Logo of Sherlock, the monitoring system of CAPE Groep


monitoring system

Logo of a partner who develops low code integration software


Integration platform

Carthago ICT - sister company of CAPE in high code software, ux/ui, security

Carthago ICT

High Code - UX/UI - Security

AWS logo


Cloud solution

Logo of a company specialized in transport


scheduling software



Together to your roadmap

Based on your strategic objectives, we determine together your roadmap for your digital transformation. We do this by mapping out your current situation and processes and combining it with our experience in your industry. As a result, we think along with you and just go one step further. 



Develop according to plan

Together with you, we will map out the desired situation and what steps we will take to achieve that desired situation. Depending on your role in the digital transformation and taking into account the capacity of the organization, the development process is drawn up from A to Z. There will also be a hands-on and fully in-house development plan, tailored to your company and employees, based on our three pillars: people, methodology and technology. 



Continuously adding value

The development process starts with a team consisting of your own people and CAPE employees. Together we will work according to our own CAPE method, based on scrum/agile. We work in short sprints of usually 2-3 weeks, so that results are achieved quickly. By this MVP developments you can quickly start using the product and we can receive feedback on the product from the end users. Subsequently, additional functionality will be further developed, taking into account the feedback. We always work together on a solution that closely matches your wishes.


Deliver and pass on

Does the solution meet all requirements and is your business process optimized as desired? Then it's time for the transfer. We ensure that your employees are included and trained during the process so that the software application is in good hands in-house. Of course we remain available for you and the applications and we monitor the health of the application(s) via our support department. Now we can look at the next solution together with you.

Want to see how our approach works in practice?

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