Our solutions for the Agrifood

Collaboration and transparency are essential within the agri-food market, although the chain still largely consists of closed silos. It is becoming increasingly important to work together, to communicate within the chain and to exchange information.

Data management

The Control Tower of Kien Logistics Management (Farm Frites), realized in collaboration with the University of Twente and TKI Dinalog, provides insight into the global logistics chain. Huuskes uses our unique Product Information Management application (PIM), so that all (allergy) information about their food products from suppliers is made available in real time on the sales channels. Thanks to the integrated Order Manager (OM), Triferto's customers can easily place orders and receive immediate feedback on deliveries.

Smart chain collaboration

Why this shift is taking place? Government, processors and consumers want to know where food comes from and have insight into the entire production process. The entire chain from producer to customer must be traceable and processes must be as efficient as possible. From the customer perspective, there must be a change in the order process; customers demand full supply chain visibility. This requires close (Business/IT) cooperation with your customers and suppliers. Are you already able to offer your customers this insight?

Technology is a facilitator of these changes. Processes need to be automated end-to-end to cope with this. Every company wants or has to (because of competition) 'something' with continuous innovations and technologies. At CAPE Group we help to realize this. We automate processes throughout the entire agri-food chain.

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