In three steps
Process CSRD in your chain

CSRD Starts with the digital transformation of your entire logistics chain

Insight into data

In order to be able to report for the CSRD a lot of (insight into) data is needed. Insight that is often not yet available in many organizations.

This is where CAPE Group can really help you. With our years of experience in low-code software solutions, we can retrieve this data and provide insight into it in the foreseeable future. Combine this with our experienced consultants who guide you from A to Z within this process and you will be ready for the CSRD before you know it!

Once we have insight into this data, we use our smart CO2 calculators to calculate the emissions for which this data is responsible. We process the output from this calculator and that from other systems in a complete dashboard with our sustainable data management tool.

Optimal use of resources

Insight into this data not only provides the necessary tools for the CSRD, it also ensures that you can optimally deploy and therefore utilize your resources.

  • For example, do you transport your goods in the most optimal way? 
  • Do you know what this transport actually costs you?

By creating insight into this data you can answer these questions, among others.

Impact on the entire chain

The CSRD has impact on the entire logistics chain. This means that it not only affects your business operations, but also those of your suppliers and other partners. Within the CSRD, three aspects are examined: direct emissions from own consumption, purchased emissions and indirect emissions. 

To CSRD compliance in three steps

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Insight into data

Once your organization has determined which topics policy should be pursued, we will look at how we will actually implement this.

To map out the actual emissions for which your product or service is responsible, it is important to gain insight into the data with which this can be calculated. This not only concerns your own data, but also the data of others in your logistics chain.

CO2 calculation

CAPE can help you gain insight into this required data. Once insight is obtained, it is important to calculate how much (CO2) emissions the processes from which this data originates are responsible. 

We achieve this with one CO2 calculator. We have already realized this for various companies.

Sustainable data management

An average CSRD report requires insight into thousands of data flows. Keeping an overview of this can therefore be a major challenge. To achieve this, we connect this data from different systems.

In practice it offers sustainable data management With a dashboard you gain insight into all emissions, regardless of where the data flow comes from.

Platinum Partner -- CAPE Group mendix partner transport and logistics

Combined power of Mendix and CAPE

We have proudly been a Mendix partner from the very beginning.

Mendix, a leading enterprise low-code application platform, has received the prestigious title of Leader and Visionary in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for the fourth consecutive year. Since 2018, Mendix has been part of Siemens Digital Industries software, after it was acquired by Siemens. This strategic partnership has enabled Mendix to increase its research and development capabilities and expand globally.

As a dedicated Mendix partner, we share in the success of this innovative platform, with which we can offer our customers the best solutions.

Getting started with CSRD data?

During our inspiration session (21-03-2024) we gave those present an insight into how CSRD data can be successfully made available. 

Were you not there? We are happy to share the insights with you, please feel free to contact us. 

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