Broekman Logistics

Application that supports the customer's entire unloading and forwarding process: 'Broekmans Distri Port'

About the organisation

Broekman Logistics is a full-service logistics company that registers and stores sea, rail and air transport. The company is located in both Europe and Asia and specializes in forwarding, shipping, warehousing, distribution and breakbulk terminals.


Broekman Logistics wants to provide customers with real-time tracking information, which is available anytime, anywhere. To achieve this, new processes and flexible IT solutions are required that can be implemented quickly. The main goal is to make information available at the right times and to record it directly at the source, without having to perform unnecessary actions.


To realize its ambition, Broekman uses the Mendix platform and CAPE's logistics expertise. CAPE Groep has started a hackathon in collaboration with Broekman Logistics. This hackathon was set up to generate creative solutions together. Within five days a basis was already established for the application. The user interface was coordinated directly with the users, making the app intuitive and fast. Since then, the base has been further expanded. For Broekman Logistics it was important that the application is easy to use on different devices. CAPE Groep has therefore made the application responsive for desktop, tablet and mobile. The application supports the customer's entire unloading and forwarding process.


The application that supports the customer's entire unloading and forwarding process is called “Broekman's Distri Port”. The users have up-to-date insight via a real-time dashboard. Also, any damage to a cargo can be assessed both before and during unloading and then automatically linked to the vehicle and the order, so that this is immediately clear to the user. Manual activities have been greatly reduced, making the process a lot more efficient.