Plegt Vos

Digital platform for administrative processes around construction – DICO connector

About the organisation

Plegt-Vos Bouwgroep is a family business where 500 people use their craftsmanship every day to devise smart, future-proof construction solutions. They are involved in the development, realization and maintenance of real estate on a daily basis. The company works for governments, developers, investors, housing associations, healthcare institutions and companies throughout the Netherlands. With the motive: contributing to the living, working and living pleasure of customers and employees. Plegt-Vos sees the future as a challenge. Where the knowledge of the profession and the employees are deployed, in order to realize the wishes of tomorrow with the solutions of today.


In recent years, the construction industry has made tremendous strides in efficiency. At the same time, the regulations are becoming increasingly complex, which means that the amount of administrative work is constantly increasing. To be able to carry out this work faster and in a more enjoyable way, Plegt-Vos Bouwgroep wanted to streamline the administrative process using digital technology. In addition, part of the administrative work, the reporting, had to be digitized according to a certain standard that every IT system can read and understand. A challenge that first required tinkering with confidence in digitization.



In collaboration with Plegt-Vos Bouwgroep we have developed a digital platform: GRIP. This platform streamlines the administrative processes surrounding the construction: everything that happens during a project is digitally tracked and registered. Very efficient, which means that the administrative work takes much less time. We started the process by going into construction together with contractors and looking at which points we could improve the process. The implementers immediately provided us with good input. A select group subsequently tested the platform we developed and provided feedback on it. GRIP is therefore fully in line with the Plegt-Vos Bouwgroep process.


GRIP offers insight. Information about a construction project is accessible everywhere and for everyone involved on desktop, tablet and mobile. This makes it a piece of cake to monitor progress, register problems and assign tasks. At the end of the project, Plegt-Vos Bouwgroep also has an accurate history that demonstrates that the project was completed in accordance with the applicable quality and safety requirements.

What I think is a big advantage is that there is a lot of thinking and empathy with the standard in order to get the solution generic.
Henry Bulthouse
IT project manager