Farm Trans

Control Tower – Customer Portal – Embaldo – Extorama – Dockular – Order Management System, embedded Power BI, eMagiz integrations according to the Open Trip Model, Transport Management Support

About the organisation

Farm Trans is a full-service logistics service provider that focuses on food transport. With their expertise in both inbound and outbound logistics, the company is able to take care of the customer's entire logistics operation. The company was founded in Zevenbergen in 1987 and now has several branches abroad. As a result, Farm Trans is of service throughout Europe. Since its foundation, the company has always believed in ICT, which has made it a leader among transporters in the field of ICT. With their 'Connected Services' they focus on collecting data through innovative software. By analyzing this data, the logistics process is constantly optimized. Delivering efficient, innovative and sustainable services is what drives the team.


The transport market is very turbulent. This requires an IT landscape that is flexible and can move along when something changes in the market. In addition, Customer Service is becoming increasingly important in logistics. Customers want insight into orders and know where they stand. This entails the necessary challenges for logistics service providers such as Farm Trans. On top of that comes the introduction of Brexit. With more than 5.000 orders per year to the United Kingdom, this affects the services provided by Farm Trans.


CAPE Groep has become a trusted sparring partner of Farm Trans for all IT challenges. To guarantee maximum flexibility, they provide a permanent team that helps to further develop the IT landscape. The CAPE consultants know the processes within the organization. For example, the consultants built the Order Management System (-OMS), with low-code platform Mendix, which streamlines and accelerates their European supply chain. All data, from order management to transport data, is in the OMS.

In addition, CAPE Group built new ones integrations with the Transport Management System.


The systems and the integrations within the systems result in less manual work. Which in turn results in fewer errors and shorter waiting times for trucks – saving time and money.

The integration with CSI-Fresh BV has saved the project team a lot of time. “Where we first had to work in a joint Excel file and sometimes had to wait a long time for a reply email, we can now arrange this from our own application and we have a response within a few minutes,” says van Gerwen.

In the future, they will be able to react quickly to every change in the market. In addition, the OMS provides transparency for customers, suppliers and partners. This is because they show data real-time in a structured way to all parties.

"We do not only work with the two consultants on the project, but with the entire company, which feels very comfortable. CAPE Groep is always willing to think along so that we can work towards the right solution together"
team leader Connected Services at Farm Trans
Michael van Gerwen
Team lead Connected Services