Mammoth Road Cargo

Onboard Computer Portal, Customer Portal, Control Tower and eMagiz integration platform

About the organisation

Mammoth Road Cargo (MRC) is a transport company that offers professional solutions for exceptional transports, machine transports and project cargoes by road in Europe. it is the transport of goods that do not comply with the regulations for road transport in terms of size and/or mass. From a single box of parts to a complete aircraft engine. That's where their strength lies. Mammoet Road Cargo sets the bar high – day in and day out.

MRC drives criss-cross through Europe on behalf of customers. Not according to fixed lines to fixed points in the continent, but wherever the client needs MRC. Mutual cooperation and cooperation with customers is decisive, because it is precisely as a team that MRC performs at the highest level. In order to make clients more effective, MRC has focused on Warehousing and Freight Management in addition to exceptional transport. To guarantee reliability, quality and safety, MRC focuses sharply on internal and external processes. In order to optimally support customers, they are at the forefront of digitizing work, they work completely paperless, they have an internal transport management system (TMS) and MRC created options for the TMS system to communicate directly with the customer's systems (EDI) .



Mammoet RC wants to make its processes as efficient and effective as possible and has therefore engaged CAPE Group to jointly undertake several projects to use ICT within the organization. CAPE Group and Mammoet Road Cargo have been working together since 2016 to improve internal processes. The focus here is mainly on the development of the transport management system, but also on the information provision for both the head office and the vehicles and the information flows towards customers.


In recent years, CAPE Group, in collaboration with Mammoet Road Cargo, has created various solutions in various multidisciplinary teams to digitize the business processes at MRC.

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The Onboard Computer Portal has ensured that the administrative man hours related to the administration of drivers' working hours have been reduced by more than 50%.

The customer portal takes a lot of work off your hands not only internally but also externally for suppliers and customers. By making this service, which has since been renamed MRC-Connect, available, MRC hopes to bind its customers more and more.

With the Control Tower of CAPE Group, MRC's transport processes are now also visually displayed. From start to finish, the processes are made transparent with current data. This allows MRC to easily control the logistics operations. This makes it easier to anticipate potential obstacles in the process at an early stage. In this way, Mammoet Road Cargo always maintains control over its transport processes.

To integrate these and other systems, eMagiz's low-code Integration Platform as a Service (iPaas) was used. With eMagiz's integration platform, messages are easily sent back and forth between the different systems. This is done through the Open Trip Model (OTM) messaging standard. With the integrations of eMagiz, the systems of MRC connect seamlessly.

'The application provides us with a complete, real-time overview of all current projects, where we can zoom in on any data point and adjust it or take action on it.'
Mammoth Road Cargo