Customer portal and necessary integrations

About the organisation

PVNED is a fast-growing, independent service provider in the Dutch and Belgian energy market, which provides electricity suppliers and producers, industrial large consumers and balance sheet and grid managers with cheaper electricity. They do this through balancing, buying and selling, benchmarking, forecasting and pooling.


After strong growth of the organization, PVNED's standard energy data management system was no longer sufficient to provide a good overview of the available data. This created the need to modernize and redesign the IT ecosystem with data management as a primary platform for future growth. PVNED has therefore selected Mendix as application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) to develop a customer portal. CAPE Groep has taken up this project and has realized the many necessary integrations with eMagiz as integration Platform as a Service (iPaas).


“We worked side by side on this impressive project, with an agile approach and our goal to achieve a 100% fit for PVNED,” said Samet Kaya, integration consultant at CAPE Group. Remco de Kruijk (data analyst at PVNED) adds that the collaboration with CAPE Groep was very pleasant, partly because of the agile scrum approach, which ensured that the construction of many integrations with eMagiz and the development of the customer portal went hand in hand. could become. The first sprint involved the transport, transformation and validation of measurement data between the back-end system and the customer portal. The second sprint added several integrations with customers and third parties to centralize external messaging.


PVNED had already explored several frameworks to bring visibility into their integration architecture; an iPaaS fits perfectly into PVNED's strategy to implement a good IT strategy that fits the principles of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). In addition to developing the new customer portal, CAPE Groep has helped PVNED to create a scalable and future-proof integration architecture. In addition, a pilot has been started with one of PVNED's strategic customers. An innovative concept for optimizing energy and cost reduction by means of real-time information was investigated. “It is nice to see that we can combine real-time information with our domain knowledge and create this innovative concept for our customers,” says Remco van Kruijk.

'It's nice to see that we can combine real-time information with our domain knowledge and create this innovative concept for our customers'
Remco van Kruijk
Data Analyst at PVNED