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Applications and integrations for broader business sectors


The future invites us to explore new ways of working. This is why we immerse ourselves in your work environment. We utilize our business expertise and know-how to instantly convert ideas into applications and integrations. When are we finished? Only after we have achieved your goal. Together with you.


Digital innovation en transformation

We support digital innovation and transformation with our versatile applications. The result? More insight, more productivity and more professionalism.


Smart chain collaboration

Speedy interaction between back and front office, but also between internal and external systems. This is what you need for smart chain collaboration. We realize the required integrations.

Business intelligence

Collating and disclosing data

Keen to make well-founded decisions? We collate and disclose data in a clear and understandable way. You have real-time insight to ensure you can analyze and identify opportunities.

Making it happen:


    We convert your strategy into applications which simplify, speed up and improve processes.

    We let systems in the chain function as one to enable them to contribute to an efficient process.

    Collating and analyzing data. Discover interesting patterns with handy dashboards and apps.

Business sectors where we are active in

Business Sector

Supply Chain

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Supply ChainOrdered before 10pm, delivered tomorrow. It is very normal nowadays, but requires a high-level supply chain. Do you want to optimize the process from producer to customer? Time to share data!You work together with various parties in the chain; producers, distribution centers, retailers and transporters. Speed and efficiency is crucial and requires good coordination. […]

Business Sector


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Wind turbines in a rape field.

EnergyThe energy sector is developing at lightning speed. Houses and businesses are becoming small power plants with the use of solar panels and windmills. In addition, more and more data is collated via smart meters, resulting in new revenue models. Are you ready for these changes?The transition to decentralized power generation poses different demands on […]

Business Sector


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LogistiekYou transport via road, rail or water. The number of transactions is high, but the value is low. How do you continue earning money? By optimally streamlining your processes.Digitization is the way forward in working more efficiently. There is a good chance you have already implemented a number of applications. You really want to make […]

Business Sector


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Top view of heavy construction work.

ConstructionCreate a prefab house straight from the factory at the touch of a button? You are probably not there yet. However, the construction industry is becoming increasingly smarter. You create the same products as before, but now in a different way. This is the only way to keep up with rising costs of material and […]

Whatever line of business, it is all about streamlining processes. We achieve this with our applications, integrations and business intelligence. How do we manage to do this?

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The powerful combination of business consultants who develop 100% solutions with use of modeldriven software and a scrum agile methodology, makes us unique and successful.
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