Business Intelligence

We bring together data based on your applications and integrations. This is done in a clear and understandable way to ensure you have real-time insight and can make well-informed decisions.
Business intelligence is about collating, analyzing and displaying data in an understandable way. It starts with a data warehouse, where we collate all the data. We then create dashboards, draw up reports and run queries. This is done in a very clear way to ensure you can convert the information into knowledge and decisions.
CAPE Groep helps to unlock data via desktop, tablet and mobile phone. This way you know how things stand, at any time and wherever you are. In addition, you identify patterns which can lead to new innovations.

Activate your business strategy with IT?

Digital transformation is about the transformation from analog to digital. It includes your entire business management, from strategy to daily operations. Business intelligence is the only way to truly make intelligent steps…
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