The energy sector is developing at lightning speed. Houses and businesses are becoming small power plants with the use of solar panels and windmills. In addition, more and more data is collated via smart meters, resulting in new revenue models. Are you ready for these changes?
The transition to decentralized power generation poses different demands on IT systems. Transmission system operator TenneT has therefore developed new IT standards which offer real-time insight into the supply and demand of energy. The challenge for you is to meet these standards.
Our solutions enable you to handle the fast pace of these developments. We have unlocked the new IT standards of TenneT and are able to automate processes based on this. Data integration forms our foundation. We generate innovative applications which enable you to digitally transform. You meet the requirements of TenneT, make optimal use of data and are able to respond to the revenue models of the future.

An approach of which you will get an energy boost!

Digital transformation in the energy business sector: from push to partnership. We turn digital transformation in an accelerator in the energy business sector, which leads to trustful, affordable and sustainable energy systems which enable sustainable customer relations.
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