You transport via road, rail or water. The number of transactions is high, but the value is low. How do you continue earning money? By optimally streamlining your processes.
Digitization is the way forward in working more efficiently. There is a good chance you have already implemented a number of applications. You really want to make a difference? You do this by integrating the applications with others. Not only within your company, but through the entire chain.
CAPE Groep develops applications and integrations both internally and externally. By involving chain partners, we create valuable interaction: you provide insight to all members involved, contribute to an efficient process and organize transport from A to Z.

'Finding the Right Application to Support a New Strategy'

HST Groep

The right way to a fully digital organization?

Together with you we brainstorm about the right information flows; applications which are easy to use and need little to no technical skills. We automate if possible, causing that every human action is valuable.
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