Supply Chain

Ordered before 10pm, delivered tomorrow. It is very normal nowadays, but requires a high-level supply chain. Do you want to optimize the process from producer to customer? Time to share data!
You work together with various parties in the chain; producers, distribution centers, retailers and transporters. Speed and efficiency is crucial and requires good coordination. With applications and integrations you can share data to ensure everyone in the chain has optimal insight. This means the process from producer to customer runs smoothly.
CAPE Groep develops applications and integrations. We immerse ourselves in the process, collate data and provide insight into the valuable information via dashboards and apps. We also have the capability to set up a control tower which handles the entire supply chain management. Which solution would you like to develop? We are more than happy to explore it with you.

'Replaced a lot of manual work that previously had been done in Microsoft Excel. No more green-screen'


Better control of the supply chain?

The current performance of a company does not automatically guarantee its success in the future. Therefore it is imperative for companies to continuously innovate. To ensure new data becomes available through digitization and the business processes are integrated between chain partners.
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