Transport Management System integrations

Due to the corona crisis and the extra regulations surrounding Brexit, Farm Trans was faced with a major challenge. CAPE Group came to their aid by acting quickly. She developed extra functionalities in Mendix and built in new integrations eMagiz. In this way they saved time, fewer errors and shorter waiting times.


Farm Trans's focus is always on unburdening the customer. The introduction of Brexit presented a number of major challenges as roughly 5000 orders go to the United Kingdom on an annual basis. The new regulations created a demand from the customer to make export documentation available to the right parties.

“Brexit created a new situation that required everyone involved to figure out how to deal with this. Customs, our customers and other carriers had never worked with export documents before.” says Michiel van Gerwen, Connected Services team leader at Farm Trans.

In addition, Farm Trans experienced the consequences of the corona crisis. The organization was looking for a solution to map, simplify and standardize the new processes.


The solution was quickly devised thanks to the extensive knowledge of the CAPE consultants about the it landscape of Farm Trans. Starting with the existing TMS application. The consultants have added a number of functionalities to the application. To solve the problem with regard to export documentation, the project team found a suitable solution at CSI-Fresh BV. Based on a number of new integrations, Farm Trans is now able to quickly exchange information with customs and automate order documentation.

'The application that we developed together with CAPE Group in just six months has significantly improved the logistics process'
team leader Connected Services at Farm Trans
Michael van Gerwen
Team Leader Connected Service - Farm Trans


This enabled Farm Trans to react quickly when Brexit occurred (they complied with the new British customs rules within a few weeks). In the old system it took more than an hour to receive fully signed customs documents, now it only takes 2 minutes. The integration with CSI-Fresh BV has therefore saved the project team a lot of time.

"Where we first had to work in a joint Excel file and sometimes had to wait a long time for a reply email, we can now arrange this from our own application and we have a response within a few minutes”, says van Gerwen.

In addition, the coupling saves a lot of manual work, resulting in fewer errors and shorter waiting times for trucks.