CAPE Groep offers solutions for the implementation of the OTM to organizations in the logistics chain

The OTM is becoming the new standard for information exchange in logistics

“One language for all, to share information in logistics”

More and more data is being exchanged in transport and logistics, both among themselves and with government organisations. This is done to digitize processes and to make them transparent for Supply Chain functionalities and actors. To make information visible (visualisation) in the logistics Control Tower, various systems will have to be linked to each other (integration). Each system uses its own language to exchange information, which is why it is often difficult and time-consuming to link systems together. To solve this problem, a new 'standard language' in logistics has been developed, the Open Trip Model (OTM), for exchanging data in the logistics chain and enabling visualization in the logistics Control Tower. CAPE Groep was closely involved in the development of the OTM and helps organizations with the implementation. Watch the video below for more information about the OTM or read below the video about the importance of implementing the OTM for organizations in the transport & logistics!

As a party in the logistics chain, it makes sense to implement this language, because it will become the new standard for exchanging data with other companies and government organizations. Logistics parties that now conform to the standard are ahead of other logistics organizations and government organizations in the field of standardization and IT. Ultimately, every organization will (have to) embrace the OTM standard. Also see this article via CAPE Consultant Jurrian Boksebeld.

CAPE Groep has contributed to the development of the Open Trip Model and helps logistics organizations to implement it. With a generic OTM solution, CAPE can implement the OTM in any IT landscape. The OTM is now also used as a communication standard for the CAPE logistics Control Tower. We are happy to help your organization with our knowledge and expertise!

Curious about the possibilities for your logistics organisation? Please contact Bart or Mart.

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