On-demand video | Is your OMS future-proof?

How can a logistics organization disruptor while cutting costs and (re)connecting with customers?

The live session 'Is your Order Management System future-proof' is now available on demand. Pim van der Boom and Michiel van Gerwen from Farm Trans take you through their story: How do you ensure that your Order Management System (OMS) is unique, scalable and compatible with the rest of your systems? And why is this (especially now) important? Farm Trans tells you how their OMS contributes to their Operational Excellence as well as their Customer Experience. In addition, you will get a look behind the scenes by means of a demo by CAPE'er Mart Busger op Vollenbroek about the OMS that CAPE developed together with Farm Trans.

In short, this is the content of the session:

  • Discover how Farm Trans deals with challenges in the logistics market;
  • Find out through the demo how low-code can be used to realize a tailor-made Order Management System for your organization, and thereby support your customer satisfaction;
  • In addition, find out how your OMS can go hand in hand with your WMS, TMS or even customer ERPs.

Request the on demand video of this live session here: