Farm Trans goes for the Open Trip Model for data exchange

'Implementing the Open Trip Model module from CAPE Groep ensures low development costs, simple & efficient information exchange and transparency'

The Open Trip Model (OTM) is the new standard in logistics for easy data exchange. In our previous article we already indicated that CAPE Groep has developed a solution for the implementation of the OTM for organizations in the logistics chain. It also explains what the Open Trip Model is exactly, and why every organization in the logistics chain should conform to it.

The solution we have developed is the Open Trip Model module, in combination with the eMagiz API Gateway. The first organization where we have been able to implement the OTM module is Farm Trans. Farm Trans is a full-service logistics service provider that focuses on food transport and is a frontrunner among transporters in the field of ICT. We have been working with Farm Trans for a long time to realize their long-term vision to automate and optimize all regular processes. For example, watch the video about Farm Trans's Order Management System.

One of Farm Trans's goals is to link all their customers and suppliers to their own internal systems, so that they can offer them transparency and easy data exchange. For this, a manual, customized link must be made every time between the customer's systems and the Farm Trans systems. Thanks in part to the OTM, they can achieve this in a much simpler and automated way!

In our two-pager about the implementation of the OTM module at Farm Trans, Pim van der Boom (Financial Director at Farm Trans) tells you more about it, and explains what other benefits they derive from conforming with the OTM.