On-demand video | How PostNL monitors & controls their mission critical business processes 24/7

In the increasingly complex, advanced and expanding (Mendix) IT landscape of organizations, in support of business-critical processes, it is difficult to gain and maintain control over what is happening in the systems. The major impact of the (partial) failure of systems is increasing the importance of daily monitoring of business-critical applications. Without good monitoring tools, an incident is only detected when the damage has already been done. For example, orders do not come in, the processing of orders is delayed or the order flow does not continue due to an error: all orders continue to flow in but the packages are not sent.

In short, major problems that entail high repair costs, both in euros and in image and reputation. Because if PostNL can't process their orders, this will definitely be in all the headlines. With Richard Stegmeijer, Solution Software Developer Smart Shipment Router (SSR) at PostNL, we look at the practice within PostNL when it comes to monitoring business-critical processes and the various systems that support them. All PostNL orders are processed by the SSR applications, it is therefore very important that the different systems can always continue to process these orders, so that consumers receive their packages and negative news headlines can be avoided!

PostNL does this with Sherlock Monitoring System, which allows you to:

  • Can easily monitor the status of business processes across the different apps in real time;
  • Can monitor custom KPIs, metrics data, logging and APM data;
  • Can detect trends, predict errors and incidents within systems, and use this information to prevent errors and incidents;
  • Resolution times can be reduced: if something does occur, errors can be quickly analyzed and resolved;
  • Can collect valuable information to optimize processes;
  • Can display the performance of systems in a clear manner, from one place;
  • Can monitor the entire application landscape, instead of single apps. This allows real-time monitoring of the status of business processes across the various apps.

In this session you will learn:

  • How PostNL deals with monitoring their business-critical processes and underlying (Mendix) applications;
  • By means of a demo what this looks like in practice;
  • What it takes to also be at the forefront of business process monitoring;
  • Through a Q&A discussion how even more other organizations deal with managing complex IT landscapes.
Bart - Manager of team innovation

Bart Knoll
Manager Innovation

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