Onboard Computer Portal

With the new real-time Onboard Computer Portal, developed by CAPE Group, the amount of administrative work for projects has been reduced by no less than 50%. The app is an easy-to-use web-based application, requiring few technical skills. The information flow between the head office and the people in the field is thus fully automated.


The main purpose was to register and process travel times, says Giel Koevoets (Managing Director of Mammoet RC). Mammoet RC wanted a faster and easier way to monitor current projects and to reduce the huge amount of paper used.


The Onboard Computer Portal has automated the entire flow of information between the head office and the field. The application also automates the entire transaction cycle: from order receipt to planning and execution to invoicing. All projects can be traced online at any time. This makes both the processes and the organisation more effective. “The application provides us with a complete, real-time overview of all current projects, where we can zoom in on any data point and adjust or take action. We also have access to all reports, including all changes and why these changes have been applied,” says Giel Koevoets. A special algorithm has also been developed that splits work orders into different projects and carefully allocates all related project costs. This eliminates 50 pages of reports per week, reducing administration work and increasing efficiency. The portal has reduced the number of administrative manhours per week by XNUMX%.

"The application gives us a complete, real-time overview of all current projects, where we can zoom in on any given data point and adjust or act on it."
Gil Koevoets
Managing Director Mammoet Road Cargo


Firstly, CarrierWeb board computers have been installed in all trucks. This allows navigation tools to be provided to drivers and the driver's position and a tracking function to the administrators at the head office. This saves much manual work for both parties. The organisation uses Metacom as a back-office financial and administration system. This ERP was also linked by CAPE Groep in order to be able to automate the information flow fully. Thanks to the CAPE Groep application on Mendix, Mammoet RC can automatically process the drivers' hours. Mammoet RC can now focus on the exceptions brought up by the application built by CAPE Groep.