Model-driven development platform which forms the foundation for dynamic and process-oriented customized applications.
Mendix is the fastest and easiest low code development platform to build and continuously develop mobile and web applications. CAPE is MX partner of the first hour and specialized in the areas of supply chain, logistics, construction and energy. With numerous certified consultants, we are able to deliver business critical applications at high speed.
CAPE Groep zet MenCAPE uses Mendix to help the digital transformation of organizations. To build functionality which is not present in standard applications, which is unique and differentiating or with which you have to experiment in the market and quickly adapt. We do this at unprecedented speed in joint teams at the offices of the client. CAPE Groep is Mendix certified support partner and platform partner.

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Digital transformation is the instrument to realize your ambitions. Do you need help with this? We transform strategic issues into clever and versatile solutions; efficiently and intelligently in collaboration with you.
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