ISO 27001 certificate

After an extensive and thorough process, the ISO 27001 certificate was awarded to CAPE Groep Holding on 17 September 2018. With the implementation of the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System, CAPE has set up an information security system (ISMS) which is core to the company's operations, culture and technology. The certification was carried out by Digitrust.
ISO 27001 for our clients

The ISO 27001 certificate demonstrates that our information and management systems meet all standards in the field of information security. This is important as we exchange confidential information with our customers on a daily basis. Clients can be confident that the information they share with us is completely safe.

Continuous improvement

Floris Stubbe, Information Security Manager at CAPE, is pleased with the certification: “At CAPE we are continuously improving our processes in order to guarantee that the information of our customers is always in safe hands. This certification process was also a good reason to re-evaluate all management systems, processes and loggings. With more than 75 employees in service, it is important that everyone in the organization knows what ISO 27001 represents and how he or she should apply it on a daily basis”.

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