CAPEs Templates

CAPE's standard custom software

  • By the experience in devising and building customer-specific solutions for many years, CAPE has developed various Cores.
  • A Core is a standard application that is custom built into your company. This gives you the advantage of customization for the costs of standard software.
  • CAPE's Cores are all solutions for recognizable issues and thus standard processes in the transport & supply chain domain.
Standard software solutions tailored to your company - CAPE Product Market combinations
CAPE logistic control tower - supply chain monitoring system

Control Tower

CAPE's monitoring system

Dockular - capes dock planning system. Manage your dock schedule


CAPE's dock planning system

A driver portal for insight into transport with external drivers. An overview of all your external carriers.


CAPE's charter portal system

Embaldo - packaging management system. packaging balance, pallet registration, deposit management


CAPE's packaging management system

Logo of Structurion the WMS (Warehouse Management System) CAPE Groep Make the future happen


CAPE's warehouse management system

Logo of the Scanbrain, a smart scan system


CAPE's smart scan system

Customer portal logo


CAPE's customer portal system