Extorama - CAPE's charter portal system

A driver portal for insight into transport with external drivers. An overview of all your external carriers.

Keeping an overview of the order deliveries. Is a major challenge when using external drivers. These self-employed drivers are not included in your own transport management systems. This makes it difficult to gain insight into the times and journeys that the drivers have actually driven. With CAPE's driver portal, this is a thing of the past.

Do you hire external drivers to handle (seasonal) peaks in your orders? Or is your business model aimed at not having all the wheels in-house? Then keep an overview of all your transport with Extorama – CAPE's driver portal. 

More insight with a driver portal

Third party logistics often use their own transport management system for their own drivers. CAPE Group has developed Extorama to provide insight into this process for hired self-employed truck drivers. A driver portal that is already about 80% built based on standard processes. The remaining 20% ​​is quickly and easily tailored to your specific process by our business consultants. And integrated with the other systems in your IT landscape. Extorama has been developed to communicate with your externally hired drivers without complicated or expensive applications. This way you know exactly when they left, how much waiting time they had en route and when they arrived at their destination. The system communicates this travel data to your other systems. Such as, for example, a packaging administration. As a result, Extorama also contributes to the automation of administrative tasks. 

Working method Extorama

The method is simple: Send a personal link to the driver. The driver then passes on the necessary data via this link. Such as departure and arrival times. CMR documents can easily be linked to the ride via the same link by simply taking a photo and uploading it. For the driver, the administration can be completed more quickly and the entire process is more efficient and transparent. 

The core of Extorama

Functionalities of the driver portal are divided into different modules. 


  • Order integration
  • Exchange of loading documents
  • Logging of arrival and departure time
  • Register packaging information


Everything from Operations, plus:
  • Link management
  • Link with packaging administration
  • Automatic billing (self billing)

Integrate Extorama with your current systems

Based on our experience in transport and logistics processes, the basis of the Extorama tool is already available for you. The remaining 20% ​​consists of customization. This way you can be sure that Extorama perfectly matches your business processes and challenges in keeping your external drivers organized. Part of the customization are the integrations with, for example, your current transport management system (= tms). We make the integration with almost all your systems. CAPE Group has developed a number of standard connectors for a number of commonly used systems using the integration platform eMagiz. This means that integration with your current systems is also quickly arranged. Is your tms not listed? Then we tailor the integration.

  • Bluejay e2open
  • Boltris
  • Currently
  • Transpass
  • transporeon
  • Transwide
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Added value for your company

With Extorama you have a better insight into the journey made by the self-employed drivers. This gives you more control over the status of the order deliveries. In addition, this driver portal ensures more efficiency within your administrative processes. The link with packaging administration and automatic invoicing saves a lot of administrative hours. 

Combine Extorama with other CAPE Group systems

The CAPE Group driver portal is a solution that can be adapted to your needs and those of your company. To make your IT landscape as efficient and complete as possible, the system is integrated with various other systems such as:


We help you with the digitization and integration of your chain collaboration and business processes. For more than 20 years, CAPE Groep has been creating software solutions for chain collaboration in the transport & logistics, supply chain, agri-food and smart construction sectors. Our consultants are happy to work with you to find the right solution to optimize your specific processes. CAPE Group is all about cooperation and short lines of communication between you and our consultants.

Extorama was not only conceived by our consultants in collaboration with our customers, but also developed. As a result, they are the experts in this solution.

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