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Keeping track of the scanned items manually is a time consuming process. Scanbrain digitizes this process by turning your current scanners into smart scanners. Where old scanners only displayed the article number, Scanbrain gives you all the necessary information about the scanned article. Would you like to see in one scan what needs to be done with your order? And return information about the scanned article in the same action? Then Scanbrain is the solution to optimize your supply chain process. 

Simple scan validation with Scanbrain

Scanbrain is one core solution that contributes to the digitization of your supply chain leaders. It is an application that validates the order data of the scanned item with your backend systems. Then feed this information back to the employee and finally show the follow-up action. It enables the employee to see in one scanning operation what needs to be done with the product and to indicate the status of the product. Product damaged or incomplete? This is digitally administered in your backend system via Scanbrain. 

scanbrain features

Scanbrain has various functionalities that contribute to a more efficient and faster process. These functionalities are: 

  • Connecting scanners and configuring rollers
  • Simple configuration of a scanner
  • Linking external sources to the scanner
  • Validation of the scan action after which the result is displayed on the scanner

Working method smart scanner

Scanbrain can be used in several ways. The most common situations are in combination with a Warehouse Management System (WMS), with cross docking or at the dock itself. 

Taking warehousing as an example, Scanbrain is used in the following way:

  1. Scan the barcode of the content order 
  2. This barcode will be added to Scanbrain's scan management
  3. Scanbrain validates this with the received orders from an order management system (OMS) and the warehouse data from the warehouse management system (WMS)
  4. Scanbrain then communicates this information to the scanner. This way the warehouse employee sees the order data of the scanned good
  5. Are there any specifics? The employee then indicates this on the screen of the scanner, after which Scanbrain synchronizes this with the WMS
  6. The scanner then indicates the follow-up action, such as where to store the order

Added value

Scanbrain ensures a faster process by capturing a lot of logic that the logistics employee no longer has to carry out. As a result, processing orders takes less time and manpower. This solution is simple and effective. And can be configured very quickly in your process and customized. Incoming and outgoing goods are automatically and accurately monitored. Information about the scanned products is linked to and stored in your WMS, Transport Management System (TMS) and other back-end systems. 

  • After scanning the barcode, the smart scanner shows where the product is stored or must be stored
  • Order information is displayed on the scanner
  • Information from external parties can be read directly on the smart scanners.

Combine Scanbrain with other CAPE Group systems

The CAPE Group smart scan system is a solution that is adapted to your needs and those of your company. To make your IT landscape as efficient and complete as possible, the system is integrated with various other systems such as:

A solution developed by CAPE Group

We help you with the digitization and integration of your chain collaboration and business processes. For more than 20 years, CAPE Groep has been creating software solutions for chain collaboration in the transport & logistics, supply chain, agri-food and smart construction sectors. Our consultants are happy to work with you to find the right solution to optimize your specific processes. CAPE Group is all about cooperation and short lines between you and the consultants.

Scanbrain was not only conceived by the consultants in collaboration with companies, but also developed. Therefore, they are the experts on this solution. They can therefore tell you exactly what Scanbrain can do for your company. The solution is easy to implement and ready to use, but can also be custom integrated with your other systems according to the needs of you and your company.

Do you want to monitor the health of your Scanbrain and other applications in your IT landscape constantly? Discover features in applications before the features develop into problems with Sherlock. We can also completely unburden you by managing your IT landscape. The time you save can be used, for example, to digitise your company further, so you are always one step ahead of your main competitors.

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