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Of course it is nice for customers to have insight into their affairs. However, it can be time consuming for both parties to email back and forth about this. This can also be quite error-prone. With a customer portal, all these problems are a thing of the past. CAPE Group offers you the perfect solution with Yourtal. When doing business you want to be transparent about orders. Sharing important information must be done properly. Yourtal offers you a basic customer portal. All your required information is automatically provided to your customer. In addition, your customized wishes are added to the fixed core. The process of providing information to the customers and suppliers within your chain collaboration has never been so efficient and simple!

Keep customers informed about logistics processes

Yourtal is a custom customer portal for your company. This portal offers your customer or supplier a clear overview of all relevant documents 24/7. Think of the status of various orders, invoices of ordered orders, requesting quotations and much more. You simply create an account for your customer or supplier. You then forward the login details to the relevant persons. After the user logs in to the platform, the relevant information about their own orders can be viewed. The status of orders is easy to follow thanks to the track and trace function. Your customer will also find claims and information about CO2 emissions in the portal. Yourtal works even better in combination with your Transport Management System or Order Management System. The user gets to see an even more complete picture of the entire chain collaboration process.

All products at CAPE Groep are custom-made standard software. This is also the case with Yourtal, where we offer you a core of the customer portal. The core has been carefully created by our consultants and will match your company for 80% based on standard processes. In addition, our consultants will tailor the remaining parts of the portal for your organization. This involves looking at the specific processes that you and your customer go through during the collaboration process. Thanks to your input, our consultants will work with you to create a customer portal that perfectly suits your needs. The chain collaboration is thus optimally digitized.

Choose the functions that suit your customer portal

Within the portal that is made for your company, you can choose different functionalities that suit your needs. In this way you choose a portal that meets the wishes of you and your customers. Within the basic portal, you can choose which of the following features your portal should have:

  • View and T&T, view the status of all your orders with a built-in track and trace function
  • order entry, enter your new orders and automatically link it to your Order Management System by means of an API
  • Documents, view all relevant documents for you and your customer
  • Billing, see and download all information about your invoices at a glance for your own administration
  • Requesting quotes, let your customers easily request new quotes
  • claims, simply fill in (insurance) claims
  • CO2, keep track of the CO-2 emissions when executing your orders

The advantages of Yourtal

A customer portal like Yourtal simplifies the digital existence of your company, but also that of your customers. The chain collaboration becomes more efficient and clearer. With the power of Mendix and our consultants, you get a customer portal that meets your wishes, but also those of your own customers. It saves both parties valuable hours. These hours are then spent perfecting your services! The insights you provide make your customers more satisfied with you as a partner. Your company works transparently. From now on, communication will be about what you prefer to talk about with your customer: making your and your customer's core business shine. In this way, your customer's core business will always be number one for you.

Combine Yourtal with the other CAPE Group systems

Combining a customer portal with your other digital systems ensures that you can get even more out of Yourtal. This is certainly the case with the other CAPE Group systems. In combination with the solutions for Transport Management Systems and Warehouse Management Systems, your information will be even more complete. This makes it even easier for you to do your work. Take a look at how the following systems would have a positive impact on your organization and chain collaborations, also in combination with the customer portal Yourtal:

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Why CAPE Group?

CAPE Groep has been active for over 20 years and is an expert in the field of low code and in particular the Mendix development platform. With consultants who know the programming process very well and know what the market needs, CAPE Groep is the ideal partner for you. In collaboration with the consultants, you will find a solution to your problems and digitize your company. This leads to excellent business optimization. The business processes you prioritize are also a top priority for us. Meeting your wishes is our main motivation. 

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