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eMagiz is the Dutch low-code iPaas (integration Platform as a Service). A platform with which all your applications and systems communicate with each other simply, clearly and digitally.

Since the founding of eMagiz In 2010, CAPE Group became a proud business solution partner and many standard connectors have already been built and rolled out to dozens of customers in collaboration with the eMagiz developers. Take the next step in digitalization and discover the value of a completely integrated and optimized IT landscape.

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Business solution partner

As an eMagiz partner, we offer a complete business solution in the transport and logistics market. This includes both specific industry-oriented solutions, such as EDI in retail or OTM in transport and logistics, as well as general business integrations such as integration of ERP systems, IoT solutions, artificial intelligence and big data. Since the founding of eMagiz in 2010, we have been using this low-code integration platform eMagiz to Mendix solutions seamlessly integrate with our customers' IT environment. 

Standard integration components

Integrating a complete IT landscape often does not just mean integrating with our own developed Mendix applications. For some elements it is simply easier to purchase a standard software package. In order to integrate complete IT landscapes quickly and efficiently, our eMagiz business consultants have developed certain standard connectors. For example, many common standard software from Transport and Logistics have been integrated within a considerable time. 

Example standard eMagiz connectors

  • Boltris
  • Bluejay 2eopen
  • Centric
  • Safe
  • chorax
  • Info WMS
  • Reflex
  • SAP
  • Van Boxtel

Example reporting standards validations

  • Open Trip Model (OTM)
  • Digital Communication (DICO)
  • Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA)

Open Trip Model

The IT landscape of logistics parties contains many links due to the large number and diversity of suppliers and systems. This makes it difficult to get the right data in the right place.

In addition, the landscape is technically very complex and legacy applications are often still fully present in the landscape. The OTM was created by a number of parties, led by TLN, to ensure that the exchange of data between different user groups is simple and streamlined. 

You can learn more about OTM in the eMagiz whitepaper:

About eMagiz

eMagiz, with their low-code platform, offers the opportunity to visually develop flexible, scalable and secure integration models, in line with your compliance requirements. By uncoupling data flows, CAPE Group creates a future-proof integration landscape for you that is easy to evolve to meet changing needs. The fully integrated Integration Lifecycle Model (ILM) enables fast and error-free development and management of integrations, even for non-technical users. This breaks the bottleneck in development projects, allowing your Digital Transformation program to run smoothly. Thanks to flexible standard components for messaging, API management and event streaming, eMagiz always offers the best solution for various integration challenges.

What is an enterprise iPaas?

 An Integration Platform as a Service, or iPaaS. A platform that offers customers a versatile solution for realizing integrations for processes, data, applications and APIs, where endpoints can be placed both on-premise and in the Cloud. The ability to realize integrations, deploy them across different environments (test, acceptance and production) and manage them is done seamlessly from the eMagiz platform, which stands out as a leading Enterprise iPaaS platform.

Furthermore, eMagiz acts as an accessible low-code platform, allowing users to visually model integration models without in-depth programming knowledge. This approach simplifies and clarifies the development process, allowing organizations to effectively bridge the gap between business and IT.

Do you have a question about or interest in integrating your complete IT landscape?

Chris would be happy to have a cup of coffee with you to discuss the options.

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