Mendix Partner

We have proudly been a Mendix partner from the very beginning. Mendix, a leading enterprise low-code application platform, has received the prestigious title of Leader and Visionary in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for the fourth consecutive year. Since 2018, Mendix has been part of Siemens Digital Industries software, after it was acquired by Siemens. This strategic partnership has enabled Mendix to increase its research and development capabilities and expand globally. As a dedicated Mendix partner, we share in the success of this innovative platform, with which we can offer our customers the best solutions.

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CAPE Group has been a Mendix partner since 2007

Since our first collaboration in 2007, we have been closely involved as a Mendix partner. Over the past years we have developed more than 300+ applications for over 50 satisfied customers. Our expertise with Mendix has grown over the years and we have not only mastered the technology, but are also strongly connected to the entire Mendix organization. Our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge enable us to make optimal use of Mendix. Whether it concerns setting up applications and platforms or supporting the establishment of your Center of Excellence with Mendix, we are ready to help you. Discover how we, as your Mendix partner, make the difference in realizing your digital ambitions.

As a Mendix partner, we are now leading in the field of transport and logistics, and we offer advanced supply chain solutions. We engage with you from the start to fully understand your business processes and digitize them with tailor-made Mendix solutions. What makes us unique is that we not only understand your business processes, but also the specific challenges in the transport and logistics sector. That's why we have specific templates in Mendix developed that can be integrated into your business processes within a few weeks. 

Download Mendix Widgets

In addition to our specialization in transport and logistics, we also offer various widgets in the Mendix Marketplaces, with which we can immediately enrich the functionality of your Mendix applications. These ready-to-use widgets have been carefully developed to integrate seamlessly with Mendix platforms and allow you to quickly and efficiently add new functionalities to your applications.

Our diverse range of widgets are designed to meet different needs, ranging from user interface improvements to advanced data analysis and reporting capabilities. Whether you're looking for interactive maps, advanced charts, or industry-specific functionality, our Mendix widgets provide instant solutions that take your applications to the next level.

With these widgets we enable you to quickly and cost-efficiently add functionalities to your Mendix applications, allowing you to focus on delivering value to your users and optimizing your business processes. 

About Mendix

Mendix was founded in 2000 and has since achieved a prominent position as a market leader in the field of enterprise low-code application and platform tooling. Over the past two decades, the company has achieved impressive performance, as evidenced by notable statistics:

Built applications
150 .000 +
Global users
0 million
0 . 000
Companies depend on Mendix
0 +

What is a low-code enterprise application platform?

Over the years, various forms of code development have emerged, of which low-code is one.

As a Mendix partner, we emphasize the significance of a low-code business application platform, which enables organizations to create and deploy business applications with minimal coding. Low-code platforms provide a visual drag-and-drop interface that allows users to design and develop applications using pre-built components, workflows, widgets and integrations.

Low-code platforms aim to simplify and simplify the application development process to speed up by automating much of the coding work. This enables our business consultants to create applications themselves, faster and more efficiently compared to traditional coding methods. These platforms often include features such as collaboration tools, reporting and analytics, and mobile support, facilitating the development of complex business applications. 

In the video below we demonstrate how Mendix is ​​used as a low-code platform. This demonstration shows how one user can, in just 5 steps, build an application that would normally require multiple roles and specialists when using high-code methods. Thanks to Mendix, the construction process can be accelerated, allowing new applications to be created in just a few hours instead of weeks. The enterprise platform takes care of the technical work, so that the user can concentrate on delivering the application.

Watch the demo below:

  1. Build a dashboard from a business perspective using drag and drop from templates.
  2. Creating a database with tables for: product, part and an object from an SAP application (SalesOrder).
  3. Connect the database to the dashboard.
  4. Create custom logic to show specific information for the bike and link it to a button (see details).
  5. Running the application. Mendix ensures that everything is implemented in the cloud (or on-premises). You will see your example immediately. It is available for multiple platforms (both web and mobile).

Do you have a question or are you interested in a low-code application?

 Bart would be happy to have a cup of coffee with you to discuss the options