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Managing a warehouse is a huge operation for companies from the Transport & Logistics and Supply Chain industries. There is a continuous flow of goods, you always run out of space and goods are stored for too long, which means that they can no longer be sold because, for example, the best-before date has expired. That is why it is important to have an overview of what is happening in the warehouse.  

Overview thanks to Warehouse Management System

In recent years, we have received several requests from the business community for a WMS system to realize this overview. Because this turned out to be a recurring question, we developed Structurion with this experience in the Transport & Logistics and Supply Chain sector. Structurion is a wms system that we tailor-made after taking stock of the needs of you and your company. The system can be implemented quickly and efficiently.  

Structurion is software that digitizes and optimizes processes in your warehouse. These processes include: 

  • Managing intake goods to be stored in the warehouse and outbound goods to be picked and prepared for transport. 
  • Reserving stock after an order has been placed. 
  • Keeping track of the status of which goods are stored where in the warehouse.

Functionalities warehouse management system

Structurion consists of three modules with which you can expand the functionalities. The basics start with Operations and can be supplemented with the Management and Insight modules.  


  • Reservation of orders when they have been ordered.
  • Insight into goods that have entered the warehouse.
  • Insight into goods that have been picked and shipped.
  • Insight into which goods and where they are stored.
  • Picking orders and preparing them for shipment.


Everything from Operations, plus:
  • Planning and coordination of intake and outbound goods.
  • VAL / VAS management, helps to realize VAL (Value Added Logistics) and VAS (value Added Services)
  • Integrations with third-party systems to make collaboration more efficient.


Everything from Management, plus:
  • Reporting
  • Keeping track of current stock and the location of orders placed.

How is Struturion used?

The CAPE WMS can be used in the following ways:

  • Having insight into what comes in and out of your warehouse.
  • Insight into the processes that take place within the walls of your warehouse.
  • If you want to use a Paternoster machine, you need a wms to be able to remove the products from this machine. 

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The benefits of custom software for warehouse automation

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Your profit thanks to Structurion

Structurion mainly ensures that you maintain insight into the processes that take place within the walls of your warehouse. But the WMS system of CAPE Groep also brings other advantages:  

  • Stocks can be better tracked according to the just-in-time principle. This is the process of replenishing stock only as needed for order picking. Thanks to this system you have more space in your warehouse.
  • Because you have better insight into what is stored in your warehouse thanks to Structurion, you are less bothered by waste. For example, Structurion reduces the chance that goods will pass their best-before date, so that they can no longer be sold.
  • Thanks to the WMS system of CAPE Group, space is used more efficiently. Goods are stacked better so that you can store more within the same location.
  • Your staff can pick, pack and ship goods twice as fast because they know exactly where the goods are stored.  

Combine Structurion with other CAPE Group systems

The WMS from CAPE Groep is a solution that can be adapted to the needs of you and your company. The system can be integrated with various other systems to make your IT landscape as efficient and complete as possible, such as: 


We help you with the digitization and integration of your chain collaboration and business processes. CAPE Group has been making software solutions for chain cooperation in the sectors transport & logistics, supply chain, agrifood and the smart construction . Our consultants are happy to work with you to find the right solution to optimize your specific processes. CAPE Group is all about cooperation and short lines between you and the consultants. 

Structurion was not only conceived by the consultants in collaboration with companies, but also developed. Therefore, they are the experts on this solution. They can therefore tell you exactly what this WMS system can do for your company. 

Continuously monitor the health of Structurion and other applications in your IT landscape? Thanks to Sherlock discover application peculiarities before these peculiarities develop into problems. We can also completely unburden you by taking over the management of your IT landscape. You can, for example, use the time you save to further digitize your company, so that you are always one step ahead of your most important competitors. 

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