Embaldo - CAPE's packaging management system

Central insight into your entire packaging administration process thanks to Embaldo – CAPE's packaging management system.

Effortlessly keep track of your packaging balance with Embaldo, the solution for an automated and accurate packaging administration process. With our application you can easily register all your packaging exchange in one overview and keep your balance in balance.

The packaging administration is a complex process. That is why it is important to keep accurate records of the packaging exchange. Now the administration has to collect all the necessary information from different systems. With Embaldo, all information is bundled to ensure that the data comes in one total overview.

Since all packaging is returned with transport, the packing slip must clearly state how much packaging is actually returned. This means that the same amount of packaging is returned as received. It is important that this number is in balance to save time, costs and unnecessary work.

To keep track of this distribution accurately, a balance is often created between the carrier and your company. This balance ensures that any discrepancies in the number are corrected. If there is too much or too little, the carrier must either return at a later time to collect the missing packaging or pay the remaining balance. This process is often performed manually today. This is not only time-consuming, but also easily leads to errors.

Embaldo - packaging management system. packaging balance, pallet registration, deposit management

Start with packaging management

With Embaldo this is a thing of the past! Embaldo offers you a central overview of all your balances. You can create this according to your own insights, such as per customer, per location, as a monthly overview or even as an annual overview. This way you can immediately see how much packaging has been delivered and how much is still open. With Embaldo you also automatically link the packaging administration to the journeys of carriers. And manual errors are prevented.

Embaldo is suitable for various packaging items. Think of crates, casks and carts. In addition, Embaldo ensures that the packaging exchange is easily invoiced. And it also provides the information such as the balance levels to your charter, if necessary.

Invest today and take control of your packaging!

Features of Embaldo

• Registering delivered packaging (manually in the app or through integration)

• Registering collected packaging (manually in the app or through integration)

• Link registration to a trip

• Central place for balances – at customer level and carrier level

• Scan documents as evidence

• Link with billing system/Self-billing for carriers

What's in it for you?

No more hassle with manual checking. Our application links the packaging registration to specific journeys and provides real-time insight into your stock. You can always see how much packaging has been delivered, has been returned and is still on its way. No more mistakes and no more financial risks. Our system minimizes manual errors and enables you to quickly detect discrepancies.

Simplify your processes and save costs. With our advanced application you get a better insight into your stock and you manage charters and customers more efficiently. Invest today and take control of your packaging. Embaldo offers you the advantages of an automated system: effortless administration, fewer errors and better insight!

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