Make information available and log it at the source

Broekman Logistics is a full-service logistics company who registers and stores sea, rail and air transport data. The company is located in both Europe and Asia and specializes in forwarding, shipping, warehousing, distribution and breakbulk terminals.
"Structurally provides real-time information. Always and everywhere"


What did the organization want to achieve?

Broekman Logistics wanted to provide customers with real-time tracking information, which is available anytime and anywhere. To achieve this, new processes and flexible IT solutions were needed which could be realized quickly. The main goal was to make information available at the right time and to record it directly at the source, without unnecessary actions being required.


"The application supports the entire unloading and forwarding process and is available on desktop, tablet and mobile phone"

How did we tackle this?

In order to realize this ambition, Broekman used the Mendix platform and the logistical expertise of CAPE. In collaboration with Broekman Logistics, CAPE Groep began a hackathon to generate creative solutions together. Within just five days, an outline for the application was established. The user interface was aligned with the users, which made the app work intuitively and quickly. This outline subsequently expanded. Broekman Logistics found it important for the application to work well on different devices. CAPE Groep therefore made the application responsive for desktop, tablet and mobile phone. The application supports the complete unloading and forwarding process of the customer.


What have we delivered?

The application which supports the entire unloading and forwarding process of the client is known as ‘Broekman's Distri Port’. The users have up-to-date insight via a real-time dashboard. Any damage to cargo can also be assessed both before and during unloading and be automatically linked to the vehicle and the order to ensure this is immediately visible to the user. Manual activities have been greatly reduced, which makes the process much more efficient.


"Mendix allows us to quickly implement new optimizations and meet the changing demand"

What does the future hold?

Broekman wants to create end-to-end visibility and therefore makes full use of Mendix and the expertise of CAPE. As ‘Broekman's Distri Port’ is built in Mendix, the application is completely future-proof. The desired modifications can be implemented swiftly which means this is the first app towards full visibility of the chain.

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