Fully transparency with control tower

Kien Logistics Management is the first logistic cooperative of and for producers who are active in global food logistics. The cooperative is committed to achieving more focus, control, transparency and cost savings. To make this possible, Kien Logistics Management has realized a control tower together with CAPE Groep.
'More focus, control, transparency and cost savings'


What did the organization want to achieve?

In 2010, Kien Logistics Management was appointed as a non-asset based service provider to give a new impetus in realizing cost savings in the logistics and coordination of the overseas shipments of Farm Frites. The cooperative has since grown into an independent platform which strives to bring the outgoing logistic needs of food-producing companies together to ensure they can take the next step in sustainable supply chain collaboration. This requires smart knowledge sharing and effective collaboration, both within and outside the traditional supply chain. Transparency is the new standard: supply chain efficiency, flexibility and chain-wide visibility are of strategic importance to Kien.


"The control tower allows us to provide insight, make the chain transparent and offer the opportunity to intervene accordingly on logistical processes"

How did we tackle this?

We worked on a logistics ICT platform with an integral point of view. We started with the mapping of end-to-end chain processes, after which we were able to create future-proof, versatile IT architecture with Mendix and eMagiz: the so-called Logistics Management System. We followed this up with the realization of the control tower based on business cases in short sprints. The control tower allows us to provide insight, make the chain transparent and offer the opportunity to intervene accordingly on logistical processes.


What have we delivered?

The Logistics Management System follows all orders and guarantees the right information is available for the right stakeholders. It combines information from different systems. The Kien Logistics Management mobile app provides representatives around the world with information about their orders. This means they can personally provide customers with relevant information, resulting in complete transparency.


"We translate big data into new insights with the aid of business intelligenceā€

What does the future hold?

Kien Logistics Management determines the roadmap based on strategic topics. We therefore publish new releases every month. In addition, the Kien Logistics Management System offers increasingly more data, which we translate into new insights with the aid of business intelligence.

Can we help you?

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