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Plegt-Vos Bouwgroep is a national construction company who engages in the development, realization and maintenance of real estate. The company works for governments, developers, investors, housing corporations, healthcare institutions and companies throughout the Netherlands. The company strives for pleasure in work and life, in anything it undertakes.
'Our operational processes must be rock solid, which gives an overall better result'


What did the organization want to achieve?

In recent years, the construction industry has made substantial progress in the area of efficiency. At the same time, the regulations have become increasingly complex and as a result the amount of administrative work is consistently on the increase. In order to be able to carry out this work faster and in a more pleasant way, Plegt-Vos Bouwgroep wanted to streamline the administrative process with the aid of digital technology.


“Every step during a project is digitally tracked and registered, which means the administrative work takes considerable less time”

How did we tackle this?

In collaboration with Plegt-Vos Bouwgroep we have developed a digital platform: GRIP. This platform streamlines the administrative processes surrounding construction: everything that happens during a project is digitally tracked and registered. Incredibly efficient to ensure the administrative work takes less time. We started the process by visiting building projects with the contractors and identifying where we could improve the process. The contractors provided us with good input straightaway. A select group tested the platform we developed and gave immediate feedback. This ensured GRIP was fully in line with the Plegt-Vos Bouwgroep process.


What have we delivered?

GRIP offers insight. Information about a building project can be accessed by anyone and anywhere through desktop, tablet and mobile phone. This makes monitoring progress, registering problems and assigning tasks a piece of cake. After finalizing the project, Plegt-Vos Bouwgroep also had access to an accurate history which demonstrates that the project was realized in accordance with the applicable quality and safety requirements.


“All information is transparent, allowing the company to manage the entire process optimally”.

What does the future hold?

Plegt-Vos Bouwgroep has optimized all administrative processes relating to construction by integrating Mendix and eMagiz. The primary process is leading and IT supports. At the same time information is exchanged in the chain in a standardized way. eMagiz offers the guarantee and flexibility to translate messages correctly into definitions of chain members. This enables Plegt-Vos Bouwgroep to grow and provide better support and service to their clients. Total transparent information allows the company to optimally manage the entire process.

Can we help you?

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