Spring Global Delivery Solutions reduces manual work and errors with the ‘MailTrack’ application

Spring Global Delivery Solutions offers post, package and return services to companies all over the world. As an independent broker which is part of PostNL, Spring provides international shipments via the most reliable networks.
'It replaces a considerable amount of manual work which was previously done in Microsoft Excel’


What did the organization want to achieve?

The complexity of the organization lies in the meticulous tracking of thousands of packages which are in transit across different depots. This requires an advanced IT infrastructure. For years Spring GDS has used a standard operating system to trace all packages. Erwin Serlé, Strategic IT Sourcing & Projects Manager at Spring (GDS), revealed that many internal specialists were tracing thousands of packages in fifteen different countries 24/7. Eventually, the standard operating system proved to be insufficient in managing the processes and Spring realised they needed to find a new, all-encompassing application.


"Rapid development through methodology"

How did we tackle this?

The new application had to be produced quickly and put straight into use, without the need for lengthy analysis and complicated design processes. The methodology used by CAPE Groep enabled this. The application was created in the Mendix platform to ensure close collaboration during the development process. In nine sprints of three weeks, the experts of CAPE Groep developed the Mendix application ‘MailTrack’ and a second supplementary application in which the financial process was taken care of.
Group of people discussing in a meeting room at CAPE Groep.


What have we delivered?

To solve the issue, the CAPE Groep has developed the Mendix application ‘MailTrack’. A new automated system, which reduces the huge amount of manual work previously done in Microsoft Excel. It ensures fewer errors and it saves time and money. The distribution network is now centrally managed through MailTrack. Spring can now control the entire process, resulting in less complexity and more transparency. As the application is made in Mendix, it is flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of the organization. MailTrack is supplemented with IMC, where cost allocations of shipments can be calculated. Both systems are seamlessly integrated into the central financial system of the organization.


"The application saves time and money"

What does the future hold?

As the use of the new application saves money, Spring can continue to build on this for years to come. Even when changes occur, the application can quickly be adapted to a new reality as it has been built in Mendix which is very flexible.

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