CAPE's Control Tower

About our Control Tower

End to End and Real-time visibility is top priority for the logistics sector.

Real-time visibility into transportation and supply chain is a top priority for shippers, 3PLs, 4PLs and their customers. According to the research firm Gartner, 50% of these companies will have invested in platforms for real-time visibility of transportation by 2023.

CAPE has realized a Control Tower based on Low-code Mendix with all core capabilities associated with a Control Tower. The CAPE Group Control Tower is a template that can be 100% customized to the needs of your company, with a short time to market. Your Business KPIs and your unique business processes are and will remain leading.   

Our standard Rest interfaces are based on the open trip model, which contains all standard information flows for processing a transport order, ensuring that every data source can be accessed. 

Visualise, orchestrate and control your logistics operations and supply chain collaborations with real-time interventions with our Control Tower. Read our Control Tower whitepaper for an impression. If you would like to know more about our Control Tower, please contact Bart Knol – 

Insightful information about the logistics processes
Visualization the Control Tower - CAPE 24/7 service - optimal performance software applications

solution capabilities

1.Order entry / Order management 

2. Carrier selection 

3. Transport order communication

4. Track & Trace

5. Exception management

6. (Performance) Dashboards

7. Carrier Integration

8. Messaging / alerts (email)

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