Innovate together towards the best software solution for your organization

Digital transformation is about the change from analogue to digital. It covers your entire business operations, from strategy to daily operations. Are you looking for a partner in the field of digital transformation? CAPE Group creates value by looking at your business processes together with you and digitizing critical points with tailor-made software applications and/or integrations. Step by step, sustainable and flexible. Together with you. The world is changing quickly. 24/7 insight into your order flows and logistics processes is becoming increasingly important. Due to this change, it is no longer possible to keep all information administratively, for example in Excel lists. Cumbersome, expensive software packages that only half fit your business operations do not work either. That is why our IT consultants develop a plan together with you. Together we will build a roadmap to digitize the processes and convert them into software solutions that are 100% compatible with your organization. We will of course also examine your existing IT landscape, looking at where and how our software solutions as a flexible shell allow your IT landscape to run at maximum efficiency again. 


Because we have been working in. for more than 20 years value chains of transport and logistics sector, agrifood sector, manufacturing industry and construction sector, we know the basics of the business processes in these sectors. We have developed cores based on these basic principles. These cores are the basis of our CAPE products and already match 80% with your company. The other 20% consists of features specific to your business and integrations with your current systems. This makes CAPE's software solution a perfectly customized system, but at the affordable price and rapid realization of standard systems. 

We will help you with:

Custom Software

High- and Low-code techniques combined with domain knowledge within different industries result in: the rapid realization of a tailor-made, user-friendly app focused on the essence of use. Without too much fuss. 


Discover the different templates that solve 80% of the common business-critical transport and logistics processes. We tailor the remaining 20% ​​specifically to your business operations. This means that our 'standard' software fits exactly to your needs.


Digitalization is creating more and more applications within your landscape. Through our integration platform we are able to connect the different applications within your company. Both for your existing applications and the new applications that we will build together with you. 

Legacy replacement

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IT security

Companies are becoming increasingly dependent on digital systems. A breach of these systems can lead to serious consequences. By investing in online security, these risks are minimized.

User experience

Customer communication is increasingly taking place digitally. Via an application or via a website, often designed from the eyes of your company. But how does your customer experience these platforms and this communication? Is the application/website accessible to everyone and does everyone know how to find the necessary information in an instant?


The need to change does not stop. The continuously changing environment means that you need agile solutions. A solution that is not ready after delivery, but is the start of further increasing your success. That is why we at CAPE go further. We manage and innovate your solutions for business-critical processes. This way you remain agile and at the forefront of business innovations compared to your competition.


Do it yourself! Do you increasingly want to take the lead in developing the software that your organization runs on, or simply follow what is happening? Follow training courses in our Academy together with colleagues and learn more, depending on the needs of the organization. We call that self-enablement! In this way, your employees develop at the intersection of Business & IT, and a true digital transformation is achieved.
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