Dockular - CAPE's dock planning system

Dockular - capes dock planning system. Manage your dock schedule

Companies in the Transport and Logistics sector almost always have to deal with the loading and unloading of goods in the warehouses via docks. In practice, many warehouses run into the challenge that there is no clear overview of the time schedule in which goods are loaded and unloaded. This results in the wrong orders being prepared at the docks and unnecessary waiting times for the carrier whose order was not yet ready.

More overview in the dock planning

Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the logistics processes regarding dock planning, we have developed Dockular. A core dock planning system, which is quickly and easily tailored to the specific process at your docks and then seamlessly integrated into your IT landscape. Dockular has been developed to create insight and overview of planned orders. Thanks to this overview, the employees of the dock know exactly when which order, at which dock they must be ready and when at which dock which order will be delivered.

The Dockular core suitable for your company

In addition to an overview of the orders, the dock planning system has various other useful functions that contribute to more efficiency regarding the order flows at your docks. These functions can be divided into three different, constructive modules within the Dockular core.


  • Order integration with back office 
  • Dock administration – dock properties, number of (available) docks. 
  • Keep track of the number of orders received 
  • Keep track of the number of orders shipped 
  • A clear calendar with the planning and available time slots. 
  • Set carrier agreements – for example, with regard to time agreements. 

  • Time slot calculation – based on the order properties, a time estimate is made of how much time is needed to load/unload. 
  • Notification service (internal-external). 
  • Reports 
  • Order stock checker – overview of placed orders which are/are not scheduled. 

How is Dockular deployed?

The CAPE Groep dock planning system can be used in three ways:

1) Carriers receive a login with which they can book time slots themselves for delivering or collecting the freight. They also have the option to pass on different order properties. If, for example, it concerns frozen or refrigerated goods, the properties of the docks that the carrier can book are taken into account. For example, the frozen goods are delivered to a dock with cooling properties.

2) The internal planner books all time slots for loading and unloading in consultation with the carrier.

3*) Automatic planning of time slots – Based on the characteristics of the order, combined with the characteristics of a dock, a time slot calculation and agreements with the specific carrier.


*Only possible in combination with a management module and an order management system.


To use Dockular, there must be insight into the orders to be loaded and unloaded. There are several suitable systems that can provide this information. Think of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), a Management System or the Control Tower developed by CAPE Groep.

Integrate Dockular with your current systems

Based on our experience in transport and logistics processes, the basis of the dock planning tool is already available for you. The remaining 20% ​​consists of customization. This way you can be sure that Dockular perfectly matches your business processes and challenges in dock planning. Part of the customization are the integrations with, for example, your current transport management system (= tms) and your warehouse management system (= wms). We make the integration with almost all your systems. CAPE Group has developed a number of standard connectors for a number of commonly used systems using the integration platform eMagiz. This means that integration with your current systems is also quickly arranged. Is your tms or wms not listed? Then we tailor the integration.

Logo of a partner who develops low code integration software
Warehouse management system integrations
  • Blujay e2open
  • Safe
  • Info WMS
  • Boltrics
  • Centric
  • reflex
  • Van Boxtel
  • chorax
Transport management system integrations
  • Blujay e2open
  • like
  • Boltris
  • Transpass
  • transporeon
  • Transwide

Open Trip Model

The IT landscape of logistics parties contains many links due to the large number and diversity of suppliers and systems. This makes it difficult to get the right data in the right place.

In addition, the landscape is technically very complex and legacy applications are often still fully present in the landscape. It Open Trip Model (OTM) was created by a number of parties led by TLN to ensure that the exchange of data between different user groups is simple and streamlined. 


You can read more about OTM in the eMagiz case:

Your profit thanks to structured dock planning with Dockular

Dockular provides more structure to your docks by providing insight into the planning of loading and unloading for your employees and carriers. This saves a lot of time for both dock employees and carriers. Other advantages that this product market combination of CAPE Group brings to your logistics process are:

  • Reduction of the waiting time at your warehouse/docks through an improved flow of goods. Carriers know exactly at what time they can load or unload goods.
  • Customer service is no longer inundated with questions about the delivery, loading and unloading of goods. All information about this is listed in Dockular, which both your employees and your carriers have access to.
  • Your employees at the docks know when goods are collected and which orders they have to prepare when and at which dock. This efficiency ensures faster and better order handling and less loss because refrigerated/frozen orders are ready at the right time and do not heat up/spoil.
Work more efficiently and therefore cheaper. Streamline your dock loading and unloading processes with Dockular.

Combine Dockular with other CAPE Group systems

The dock planning system from CAPE Groep is a solution that can be adapted to the needs of you and your company. The system is integrated with various other systems to make your IT landscape as efficient and complete as possible, such as:

We help you with the digitization and integration of your chain collaboration and business processes. For more than 20 years, CAPE Groep has been creating software solutions for chain collaboration in the transport & logistics, supply chain, agri-food and smart construction sectors. Our consultants are happy to work with you to find the right solution to optimize your specific processes. CAPE Groep is all about cooperation and short lines of communication between you and our consultants.

Dockular was not only conceived by our consultants in collaboration with our customers, but also developed. As a result, they are the experts in this solution.

Would you like to know more about Dockular and what this application can do for YOUR company? Then please contact Bart Knoll. You can reach him via the email address:

Continuously monitor the health of Dockular and other applications in your IT landscape? Thanks to Sherlock you discover details in applications before they develop into problems. We can also completely unburden you by taking over the management of your IT landscape. You can, for example, use the time you save to further digitize your company, so that you are always one step ahead of your main competitors. 

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