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Overview and efficiency in your company starts with digitization

The world is digitizing. Possibilities are endless. And systems become smarter and smarter every day thanks to artificial intelligence. Standing still is no longer possible.

Keeping up with today's transport world requires looking ahead, thinking beyond the current possibilities and, above all, digitizing. The high demand for worldwide transport makes it impossible to keep track of the process administratively with Excel, or sometimes even with physical papers. It requires a thorough IT strategy. In which business processes are digitized and your entire IT landscape works together valuable and secure integrations

Part of one chain cooperation? All the more important to take the step towards digitization. This gives you a better insight into the process components for which you are responsible. And see what happens to your transport, in the parts of your suppliers and customers.

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Has been helping companies in the transport and logistics industry to digitize their business processes for more than 20 years. Each and every one of these results in a partnership for several years. Parties have not only said goodbye to many Excel lists, but have also started working a lot more efficiently thanks to business process optimisations. Thanks to our experience in your industry, we quickly understand your business process and know your challenges. We help you with our software solutions. From scratch, or with one of our products as a basis. But standard and always tailor-made to suit your unique business operations. 

Software solutions thanks

Mendix and Carthago-ICT, we have a tailor-made solution for every process. Fast with Mendix, a leading global enterprise low-code application platform. Mendix makes it possible to develop software applications better and faster. CAPE Groep has been a proud partner since the early years of Mendix. With more than 300 built applications, distributed over more than 50 customers, our IT consultants know the many possibilities of this platform. Since 2021 literal software solution is possible thanks to our high-code and security colleagues from Carthago-ICT. 

eMagiz ipaas - CAPE Group partner

Software integrated thanks to

eMagiz is the Dutch low-code iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service). A platform with which all applications and systems are easily, clearly and digitally integrated with each other Worden. Since the foundation of eMagiz in 2010, CAPE Groep has been a proud partner and many standard connectors have been built and rolled out to dozens of customers in collaboration with the eMagiz developers. Take the next step in digitization and discover the value of a completely integrated and optimized IT landscape.

This is how we start digitization

Step 1
Together to your roadmap


Based on your strategic objectives, we determine together your roadmap for your digital transformation. We do this by mapping out your current situation and processes and combining it with our experience in your industry. As a result, we think along with you and just go one step further.

Step 2
Develop according to plan


Together with you, we will map out the desired situation and what steps we will take to achieve that desired situation. Depending on your role in the digital transformation and taking into account the capacity of the organization, the development process is drawn up from A to Z. There will also be a hands-on and fully in-house development plan, tailored to your company and employees, based on our three pillars: people, methodology and technology.

Step 3
Continuously adding value


The development process starts with a team consisting of your own people and CAPE employees. Together we will work according to our own CAPE method, based on scrum/agile. We work in short sprints of usually 2-3 weeks, so that results are achieved quickly. By this MVP developments you can quickly start using the product and we can receive feedback on the product from the end users. Subsequently, additional functionality will be further developed, taking into account the feedback. We always work together on a solution that closely matches your wishes.

Step 4
Deliver and pass on


Does the solution meet all requirements and is your business process optimized as desired? Then it's time for the transfer. We ensure that your employees are included and trained during the process so that the software application is in good hands in-house. Of course we remain available for you and the applications and we monitor the health of the application(s) via our support department. Now we can look at the next solution together with you.

Ready for the next step?

or first see what value digitization can add for your company?

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