Develop and innovate through your business

What is your drive?

At CAPE Groep we view digital transformation as a means to realize ambitions. We transform strategic issues into clever and versatile solutions. As a result, you increase your competitive edge.


Creating value

Keen to activate your business strategy with the help of IT? Digital transformation is about upgrading from analog to digital. It encompasses all your business operations; from strategy to daily processes. Are you looking for a reliable partner in the field of digital transformation? At CAPE Groep, we create value; using a step-by-step sustainable and flexible procedure in collaboration with you.


From blockchain to big data

You believe in the latest advanced technologies. To discover where opportunities lie, we execute short cyclic projects in collaboration with you. Each project benefits from our expert knowledge of big data, business intelligence, machine learning, internet of things, blockchain and digital transformation.


Business, education and science

Joint product development and domain expertise form the basis on which we deliver added value. We proactively work on innovative projects with universities and knowledge institutes including the University of Twente, Dinalog and NWO. This is how we bring science and industry together. Creating solutions which make a difference.

Making it happen


    We make the transition from analogue to digital. Step-by-step, durable and flexible. Together with you.

    We keep you updated with the latest innovations in the IT world during our masterclasses.

    By connecting science and industry, we create effective solutions which make a difference.

Would you like to know how digital innovation can transform your business?

Digital transformation is the instrument to realize your ambitions. Do you need help with this? We transform strategic issues into clever and versatile solutions; efficiently and intelligently, in collaboration with you.
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