Innovation projects

Innovation is important to you, but not of urgency. Assignments from customers are of more importance, which is logical. Are you however keen to take the first step? In our Digital Factory we start your innovation project by connecting business, education and science.


From blockchain to big data

You believe in the latest advanced technologies. To discover where opportunities lie, we execute short cyclic projects in collaboration with you. Each project benefits from our expert knowledge of big data, business intelligence, machine learning, internet of things, blockchain and digital transformation.

In the Digital Factory we work together with a team of university students, their supervisors and experts from CAPE Groep on your project. By combining our knowledge, we discover valuable insights and ideas for your organization. Based on your issue at hand, we conduct research into new techniques and
methodologies, explore market developments and innovate in the IT world. The result? A prototype which offers clarity. Therefore a greater chance that innovation will become high on your priority list! We can help you, for example, to innovate on one of the following subjects:

Can we help you?

We see digital transformation as a strategic instrument to realize ambitions. Do you need help? We translate your strategic topics into clever and versatile solutions. Swiftly and intelligently, in collaboration with you.
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