We offer you a student side job or graduation place for next to your university studies!

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Graduation (thesis assignment)

Are you ready for the final phase of your bachelor or master? We also! Throughout the year we have interesting assignments for students. These are often scientific studies that are combined with practice, because they are really challenging issues that lie with our customers or within our own organization. The assignments are related to digital transformation, CI/CD, Blockchain, (Power) BI & Big Data, Machine Learning, IoT and/or digital innovation. In consultation we determine what your research focuses on and you make your own research proposal!

You research, design and develop the solution in your research and deliver a prototype. In this way you validate your research, but above all you realize a solution that is actually used in practice.

Student side job 

Do you want to gain relevant work experience in the field of Business & IT in addition to your university studies and give your career a boost? Then a student side job at CAPE Groep is something for you! In our Digital Factory we offer students space to develop in the field of work in which they end up after their studies. 

During your side job you will participate in existing (customer) projects or our innovation department (depending on where your interests lie). You learn a lot (immediately on-the-job), invest in your personal development, work with great colleagues and earn a nice extra! Of course, this must all be able to go together with your study obligations, which is why we are flexible in working hours and we trust that we can make it a valuable collaboration with mutual commitment, as practice has always shown so far!

Why do you want to graduate or work at CAPE?

  • You have a voice at CAPE: you are really listened to;
  • You work on challenging projects with ambitious colleagues
  • You will join a friendly and enthusiastic team in which fun activities are organized such as Social Friday and the legendary CAPE drinks;
  • You get the space to develop yourself in different areas, through our Digital Factory in which training is given;
  • You will receive good, adequate guidance. You learn on the job;
  • There are plenty of growth and flow opportunities: think of a side job next to your master's or staying on after you graduate;
  • We take your other obligations into account and would like to create a good collaboration in consultation. 

Graduating or working part-time at CAPE is right for you if you:

  • Are you an ambitious university bachelor or master student. 
  • Likes puzzles, chess or algorithms.
  • Thinks in solutions.
  • Likes to be challenged. 
  • Want to develop yourself in the field of Business & IT.




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