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Our Academy ensures that the need for training and information among our consultants is always met. We ensure that the right material is available, while keeping an eye on the needs of our employees (we also offer appropriate training for other positions, possibly externally). With the micro-learnings offered by the Academy, employees can take in the information they need at that moment. With self-directed learning, everyone can determine their own learning path.

For the technological skills, the Academy provides certifications and preparation for them, so that you are well prepared. The Academy also ensures that the knowledge gained in our 'Competence Centers' or in daily practice is shared with the rest of the organization during knowledge sessions.

Exercise/knowledge sessions/micro-learnings
Team/mentor/peer group/coaching
Classroom training/workshops

At CAPE we believe that you can only continuously learn by doing and when you take the initiative yourself, supported by the right equipment and the right facilities. This is exactly what learning & development looks like at CAPE.

Your career, your growth choices

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At the moment most of our Trainees/Junior Consultants move on to a Medior/Senior Consultant role or become a team lead of one of the Consultancy teams. Other options are to focus more on architecture or staff roles. In addition, you can switch location (from Enschede to Utrecht or vice versa), or within our group to eMagiz or Carthago ICT. This way you always have the opportunity to do something you like and to alternate! This also applies to the medior or senior profiles.

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