The CAPE culture

Getting the best out of it together!

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The CAPE culture.. or should we say: the CAPE community? Our culture is very similar to that. In a community you work together towards a certain common goal, but each individual takes his or her own responsibility. Every member of the community feels connected and everyone informs, helps and exchanges ideas with each other. We learn from each other, and by doing: making mistakes is allowed, as long as you learn from them!

Gradually, new initiatives arise that are taken up in subgroups and everyone is given the space to pioneer. CAPE'er Martin built a pub quiz application and Mart, Christian and Thijs built a snack application for our 'Friday fries day'. We also organize strategy sessions so that everyone can think about the future of CAPE.

For a while, thanks to Covid, we even lived up to the community property of being virtual. This has ensured that we have not completely gone back to just physically working together (or working at the customer), but that it has now become a hybrid: working from home is allowed, but we also find it efficient and pleasant to work together at the office. .

We work hard to achieve good results and there is also plenty of room for fun. We regularly organize fun outings, weekends, sports activities or company parties just at our office. We even have our own CAFeCie (CAPE Party Committee) for this!

Drinks are held every Friday and every first Friday of the month has been renamed 'Social Friday' by us. During Social Friday, various company updates are shared and, for example, new employees introduce themselves, while enjoying a drink and sometimes an additional activity. 

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