Business & IT Consultant




We are always looking for trainee business consultants:

Fresh graduates

In particular in the field of Industrial Engineering, Business Administration, Business & IT or Information Science (but you can also become a consultant with us without a background in IT)

Young Professionals

With several years of work experience, who are looking for a job in which you are involved in the entire application or integration development process

As a Trainee Business Consultant at CAPE Groep, you can be sure that attention is paid to your personal growth path.
Discover the software world with training courses on the technology. Discover yourself and upgrade your professional skills during the training sessions mens. And learn how to become a good consultant during the consultancy skills in the methodology workouts. You learn directly with and from our experienced IT-Consultants in our in-house Academy

About CAPE Group

At CAPE Groep we develop applications and integrations for organizations in transport & logistics, supply chain, smart construction and agrifood. We do this on the basis of low-code technology, so you don't necessarily need a background in IT to master the development. Anyone with a good brain can learn it! 

Because low-code application and integration development is very popular, it is not yet included in the curriculum at every university. You will have to master the low-code platforms and methodology we use, which is why most consultants (regardless of experience) start with a traineeship with us. This is a 1,5-year learning-on-the-job program developed by us, for a full compensation (which you might not expect from the word 'traineeship'), in which you develop yourself on the three important pillars 'people ', 'methodology' and 'technology'. 

This addition to your talent and the skills you have already acquired during your studies, ensure that after 1,5 years you are a rock-solid consultant who is strong in all these areas. During your traineeship you simply participate in our customer projects and you get to know the different roles in a development team. On Friday, all trainees share their experiences with each other, you give each other feedback and you follow educational knowledge sessions that can help you further. 


The traineeship in a nutshell

Discover what makes you happy

You actively participate in projects, so that you automatically discover what you are good at and what gives you energy.

Action-based learning

You learn by doing, which is why you work with us on customer projects from the start.


We offer an intensive and challenging program in which you develop quickly and are in the lead yourself. You will be guided by a mentor. Great, because that way you can jump into the deep under supervision.

What you are going to do

You discover and analyze strategic issues, translate them into agile solutions and build them yourself with low-code development platforms. 

Finished. And then?

After an intensive and challenging program of 1,5 years, you choose a direction. Do you want to develop further as a medior consultant, do you prefer the technical side or do you want to work in our innovation department? It's all possible at CAPE!

Are you looking for another (starter) position? Then view our other vacancies. 

Do you have a question about working at CAPE? Then please contact us.