CAPE Groep

Win a kick-start package and launch your Mendix initiative!

Deliver provable business value

In order to drive digital innovation at scale and deliver new applications rapidly, you need to build a solid foundation for success. CAPE Groep has their proven approach to success composed into a one day kick-start package. This kick-start package consists of several workshops that provide you with the opportunity to launch your first initiative swiftly with the highest chance of success: a unique combination of short time to value and high first time right!

Especially for the visitors of Mendix World, we hand out three free kick-start packages!
Together with you and your team we identify applicable projects, investigate if there’s a process in place for rapid development, determine how Low-Code fits in your enterprise architecture and define the potential value of a model driven integration platform. With these goals in mind, this kick-start package is designed to lay the foundation for structuring your program, and identify how to get your delivery team in place. So you can then quickly deliver your first project to prove the value of the Mendix App Platform and the CAPE Groep approach as your experienced partner!

The kick-start package consists of:

  • Business Process and portfolio intake
    Based on your (primary) business processes we map your highest-value innovation projects that require a faster development approach.
  • Architecture and integration
    To be successful in your digital transformation initiatives and successfully launch new projects together we will define how to integrate these projects in your existing landscape and how to apply best practices to get optimal results and meet security standards. How can you benefit from applying a model driven enterprise (hybrid) integration platform?
  • Execution process and roadmap
    Do you have a process for rapid, iterative development and instant deployment in a fail-fast, test and learn approach? Establish a roadmap to success, ensuring the right governance and DevOps practices.